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Pony Play, Dog Play, Facesitting, Feet Worship, Humilhation

Perspectiva do escravo. Em algumas sessões terei junto com as fotos (que são SEMPRE consensuais), relatos dos escravos contando a sua experiência em me servir. Eu particularmente adorei essa sessão, já virou escravo em treinamento. Mistress Monique também esteve presente, em breve também as fotos dela!

It was a wonderful afternoon waiting for my mistress. She came with her friend Monique, and the first thing she order to me is to go to the ground and lick her feet, then Monique’s feet too.
I loved when they decided to seat and talk each other while I was cleaning their shoes with my tongue.
Sometimes they used my head like a foot stool.
Of course they used me like a ponyboy, a chair, they trampling me like a carpet crushing my face with their full weight.
It was two hours of total domination using me like a real slave.
I enjoyed a lot and to serve her again very soon.